Visionaries - Changing the World One Story at a Time

What people are saying about the Visionaries Public Television Series

'Spontaneous applause and tears accompanied our board of trustees' first viewing of Colorado Rocky Mountain School's episode ' and that was the rough cut.'

~ Colorado Rocky Mountain School, 12th Season

'Numerous financial rewards have come from foundation and corporate giving officers who have viewed the film and been moved'many giving officers have specifically mentioned that the documentary moved them to tears.'

~Boys Hope Girls Hope, 6th Season

'Without question The Visionaries production has resulted in the greatest public relations opportunity in our 20-year history. There is no doubt that this endeavor has increased donations to our cause.'

~Pathfinder Village, 7th Season

'When you arrived with your crew in May, we knew immediately that we had made the right decision to apply, the right decision to dedicate our time, and the right decision to open our doors to the folks from Boston who wanted to find ' and then tell ' our story. And tell our story you did. In a way far better than we could have" "You managed to capture on film the very spirit of the Westmoreland, our artists and musicians, and our region"

"It was exactly what I needed, I felt completely bathed in humanity. It gave me some hope in these current times there is some good out there in the world"



"In order to really learn the breadth and depth of these true innovations you've got to see, hear and experience their stories. Visionaries captures the inventive American spirit at its best - put to work for the greater good."

~Frank Sesno, Award Winning Journalist

The Visionaries is the recipient of the
2006 Genesis Award for Outstanding PBS Documentary
March 18, 2006, Beverly Hills, CA