Visionaries - Changing the World One Story at a Time

Our 11th Season

Westmoreland Museum of American Art

American Art-Alive and Well (1101)

Bonded by an extraordinary personal event, a small group of people transform a stodgy old museum into a vibrant place pulsating with the energy of young people discovering art, history and music for the first time. The music of the NewLanders a group of Pittsburgh area musicians and songwriters who have researched and rediscovered songs written by, and about, the people of southwestern Pennsylvania is part of that story.
Westmoreland Museum of American Art

The Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education / Performance Based Standards

The Promise of Tomorrow (1102)

Two incredible stories about how a simple idea can change the course of thousands of lives. In the first story, an old paradigm is shattered when thousands of children throughout Appalachia decide to do what no one in their families have ever done- they go to college. Next, Sam Waterston will take you inside two detention facilities to witness how juvenile justice in America was changed forever by an astoundingly simple concept.
The Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education
Performance Based Standards

EARTH University

Sharing the Dream (1103)

EARTH University creates opportunity and future environmentalists as it brings students together from all over the world to study agriculture, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. When they leave, these students have learned about so much more...

SPCA of Erie County / Humane Society at Lollypop Farm

Beyond Shelter (1104)

The treatment of our animals is a direct reflection of the state of our society. The original mission of Humane Societies was to serve the most vulnerable populations. In returning to that basic foundation, todays SPCAs and Humane Societies go beyond shelters and adoption centers and are working to better the lives of animals AND people. In this episode we meet children who, through training dogs-at-risk, learn the lifelong lessons of empathy, kindness, and compassion. SPCA of Erie County and Humane Society at Lollypop Farm

Human Development Foundation

Progress for Peace (1105)

In all the hoopla about fighting the spread of terrorism, this is the story no one told you. Visionaries follows a group of Americans into the tribal regions of Pakistan where hundreds of new schools for joyful learning and thousands of new businesses are providing a stunning new option for the poor in the breeding ground of terrorism. What makes this story all the more compelling is that the programs are created and supported almost entirely by Moslem Americans in partnership with local communities.

Resolve to Stop the Violence Program

Resolve to Stop the Violence (1106)

You may have heard about this program on Oprah or Larry King, but now Visionaries takes you inside San Francisco's maximum security jail where violent criminals confront their crimes and the people they victimized. The results are as shocking as they are inspiring.

Community Access / Student Action with Farmworkers

Liberty and Justice for All (1107)

Whether fighting for housing opportunities for people with psychiatric disabilities or for migrant workers rights, these Americans take a stand against the status quo to improve the lives of those without a voice.
Community Access
Student Action with Farmworkers

Chicago 311 /Seattle's Natural Drainage Systems /

Techno-Government (1108)

What happens when technology is used as a tool to serve the public? Youre going to be amazed. In Chicago, the streets get cleaned, the hungry are fed, and every citizen can talk to their government by dialing just three numbers. In Seattle, Washington, a unique innovation has created beautiful neighborhoods while saving endangered salmon and their habitat. In Washington D.C., an award-winning web site cuts through miles of red tape to connect millions of people to their town hall, the halls of Congress, and every government agency in between- thereby delivering information and services with the click of a mouse. /Citistat

Information Inroads (1109)

In today's world of information superhighways, we are all looking for the most up-to-date information. First, we travel to Washington, D.C. to see how one database,, provides patients, families and members of the public easy access to information about ongoing clinical trials for the treatment and study of almost every disease imaginable- easing the lives of those facing catastrophic illness. Next were off to Baltimore to see how Mayor Martin OMalley is revolutionizing city government with passion, vision, and accountability.

Medical Ministry International

A Global Medical Miracle (1110)

You will never think of charity in the same way again. In the Dominican Republic, one American is leading an effort to provide health care to hundreds of thousands of poor people in a way that does not require hand outs or subsidized care. He is an anthropologist named Willie Hunter and he has created a health care model that may one day treat 100 million people around the world. How does he do it? He charges the poor. The result is patients who take charge of their own well-being and a health care system that is truly sustainable.
Medical Ministry International

Filming Locations

This years season took place in Baltimore, Maryland/ Boston, Massachusetts/ Chicago, Illinois Greensburg Pennsylvania/ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/ Huntington, West Virgia/New York, New York/ Portland, Maine/San Francisco, California/ Seattle, Washington/ Washington, D.C./ Rochester, NY/ Appalachian, Ohio/ Newark, New Jersey/ Winston-Salem, North Carolina/ Costa Rica/ Colombia/ Pakistan/ Dominican Republic